A Lesson in Lasers



A Lesson in Lasers is a Portal 2 map consisting of four rooms in one chamber were every room makes use of lasers in different ways.



The level can be found here


I spent some time experimenting with PuzzleMaker and created many smaller chambers until I could find something interesting that I wanted to continue developing.

I then worked on getting the chamber playable in PuzzleMaker before exporting the chamber to the Hammer Editor.

In Hammer I had more control over both the scripts and the dressing of the chamber.

I created some smaller scripts to help guide the player through the puzzles and dressed the level with a larger variaty of textures and props than were avaliable in the PuzzleMaker.


Room One

The first puzzle is contained within a small room where the player needs to redirect two lasers into two different receivers.

When the laser hits both recievers the door will open.

By standing on the red button the player can swing a wall piece out so that both lasers hit it at the same point.

This allows the player to place a portal where both lasers hit the wall and can then direct them to hit both recievers.


Room two

This puzzle is similar to the previous one in that the player needs to redirect two lasers into different receivers to open the door into the next room.

The player will need to make one of the lasers go through the portal twice before it can hit the reciever in the ceiling.

Once the portals are in place the door will open and stay open.



Room Three

This room contains a longer puzzle in several steps where the player will use lasers, reflections cubes and regular cubes to give them a floor with bounce gel and a wall to gain momentum from. This will then allow them to bounce to the door. The player will then realize that the door is a trap that will lead to the next room as shown in the GIF to the right.



Room Four

The fourth room contains two puzzles but we will focus on one of them. Where the player will need to bounce on walls covered in bounce gel to reach a reflection cube but the walls have gaps in them. The player will need to place a lightbridge where they are going to bounce in order to make it all the way across.

LastChamber_07 copy.png
LastChamber_08 copy.PNG