• 8 weeks production time at 50%
  • Scrolling Shot-Em-Up with player upgrades
  • Using Tiled as a level editor
  • Using Sky Force as a reference game.








Vaexar is a scroling shot-em-up, or schmup, were you play as a giant space insect hell bent on reaching earth and destroying any humans in your way.

To aid the player they are able to mutate upgrades that allow them to dish out more damage or take more damage before dying.

By collecting the heart of killed humans the player is able to vomit forth corrosive acid that destroys any ship infront of them.





The main challenge we faced as level designers was keep the gameplay fun and exciting without overwhelming the player with enemies.

Since we did not make use of any other obstacles the player only needed to move in order to dodge enemies and bullets which meant that we needed to supply the player with plenty of enemies to fight.

After testing and itterating on our levels we were able to find a nice balance of action and downtime that kept the player engaged and moving without swamping them in enemies.


My Contributions

Taking metrics from our reference game Sky Force.

Designing the movement and attack patterns for the two out of four bosses.

Designing, building and itterating on two levels.

Creating the game design documentation used during the project.


Group Members


Level Design

Carl-Henrik Andersson

Faraz Farahani



Oscar Blom

Niklas Hansson

Viktor Pramberg



Olle Hagman

Hampus Siversson

Björn Stenlund

Axel Szelag

Sebastian Szymanski