The Book of Tales


A Point-and-Click adventure game about an apprentice wizard trying to escape from a magical book of fairy tales by helping various characters succeed in their stories by solving different puzzles.





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My Contribution

Creating puzzles

Designing rooms

Write dialog






  • 8 weeks production at 50%
  • A Point-and-Click game with several rooms
  • An inventory system that allowed for combining items
  • Using the King's Quest games as our reference





This being our first project we were faced with several challenges that we needed to overcome but the main one for us level designer were puzzle design.

Fortunately both of us on the level design disciplin took our time to create analog prototypes of our puzzles to the best of our abilities. This allowed us to quickly test our puzzles and identify problems either in how they were presented or in how they were solved.

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Group Members


Level Design

Carl-Henrik Andersson

Joshua Chistiansen


Clara Lindblad Åman

Nina Slorvik Sas

Niklas Hansson


Jesper Teodorssen

Gabriel Eriksson Cic

Vincent Wipp Ekman

Marcus Stein

Hampus Siversson