Privet Ferretski


Privet Ferretski is a 2-D stealth platform game where tha player take the role of the a thieving ferret out to steal from the worst mobsters in the animal kingdome.

To aid them the player has a crappling hook that allows them to reach high places quickly and to avoid capture.

The player will make their way through well guarded mansion by hiding in the shadows and thinking on their paws.


  • 8 week production at 50%
  • A 2-D platform game
  • Using tiled a level editor
  • Using Stealth Inc 2 as our reference game

My Contribution

Creating the documentation used during the production.

Creating and iterating on two levels.

Create simple scripted events for my two levels.





Since we set out to make a stealth game we needed to create stealth puzzles that would fit the game and be just difficult enough for the player. This meant that we needed to create these sections quickly so that we could start testing them early.

Doing this meant taking time away from other thing that needed to be done during the production which resulted in us being a bit rushed at the end of production to make sure that the levels were dressed and polished.