RoboReboot is a Run-and-Gun game with a control scheme reminiscent of Diablo where you use a machinegun and a Stasis Bomb to fight through hordes of robots with your trusty companion at your side.





  • 8 weeks production time at 50%
  • Using our own graphics engine.
  • Unity was used as level editor
  • Using Helldivers as a reference game



My Contributions

Level Design.

The design of Level 1.

Changes to the design based on feedback.

Iterations made on the level base on testing.


Game Design.

Designing enemy functions.

Writing the game design document used during production.





The two main challenges that we faced from a level design perspective during this production was the limited sight of the player and creating areas for combat that were open enough for the player to move around using their own style of play while also providing cover and a steady pace of gameplay.









The Quantum Game crew


Level Designers

Carl-Henrik Andersson

Fredrik Sjö



Henrik Giang

Magnus Quach

Ted Flodman Söderberg

Johan Ernstsson



Johan Anderdahl

Oliver Andersen

Marcus Stein

Oscar Öhrn


Technical Artist

Peter Hamlin