Jetburst is an underground space racing game where you must navigate your ship through a racing course, avoid the obstacles and get the best time.

We used the game Strike Vector our reference game and used their control system as a jumping of point for shaping mechanics and controls that better suited our racing game.


  • 10 weeks production time at 50%
  • Using our own graphics engine.
  • Unity was used as level editor
  • Using Strike Vector as our reference game
Jetburst 2018-02-13 13-00-19-71.png


Designing a level where the player can move freely in three dimensions proved to be an interesting challenge.

During the design process, we had to be acutely aware of the player's sightlines and be equally aware of how we were to lead the player.

I found it helped to think of the player as a ball rolling down a track where you have to make the turns sharp enough to be interesting and yet allow the ball to keep its momentum.

My contributions

Level design.

The design of Level 2 (Solveig Cargo Scrapyard).

Changes to the design based on feedback.

Iterations made on the level base on testing.

Game design.

Setting the metrics for the player ship and changing them based on feedback.

Writing the game design document.




The Quantum Game crew


Level Designers

Carl-Henrik Andersson

Fredrik Sjö



Henrik Giang

Magnus Quach

Ted Flodman Söderberg

Johan Ernstsson



Johan Anderdahl

Oliver Andersen

Marcus Stein

Oscar Öhrn


Technical Artist

Peter Hamlin